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ZeroHour News is a Hyderabad-based news portal that prides itself on the below objectives:

1.     Accuracy of content

In a time and age where being first often leaves behind the necessity of being accurate. We believe that it is as much important to get the fact correct as it is to get them first. To verify and corroborate from multiple sources; to question the common perceptions and challenge pre-conceived notions is how we arrive at the most accurate information possible.

2.     Timeliness of news

We live in a dynamic world, where situations and perceptions change every minute. News has an ever decreasing shelf life and being in the business of news it’s imperative to adhere to timeliness.

3.     Objectivity of views

In a heterogeneous society like ours where pluralism is both active and vibrant it is dangerous to view news from a specific standpoint. Two sides of a story is an adage that no longer clearly illustrates the challenge of news writing in India – often there are multiple facets and none that can be conclusively complete. To be objective in such environment is vital.

4.     Transparency of information

The ever expanding expanse of news landscape presents a very real danger of too much information and mis-information. Often facts are clouded and twisted, we strive hard to present facts as they are and prefer to allow our audience to draw inferences.

5.     Well-being of society

Newsmakers and news reporters are both part of the society that they make and report news for, our needs and objectives cannot and should not defer from the environs that we are a part of. As a responsible news organization, we take it as our utmost duty that what we write and report does not harm the social strata that we live in. We take a constructive approach to what we analyse and how we present.