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    Whilst I believe that our sister’s sincerity should not be questioned, I would like to pose the question “whom do you turn to for help?” Whose pens, teachers, books and curriculum do you ask for?
    Many of the countries whom you address are responsible for robbing our sisters of a right that is guaranteed by the teachings of the Quran and sunnah. It was under the shade of khilafah system that these rights were protected for centuries.

    Was it not these very colonial powers that you stood before,responsible for destroying our khilafah system? A shade of rights, prosperity and security for all women completely shattered.
    Was it not countries like Britain, America and France that made up your audience,responsible for culturally invading our lands with their books, pens and teachers? These very tools were used to Secularise and westernise our future generations?
    Was it not the crowd who praised you with standing innovation,responsible for occupation,devastation and poverty within our lands that education has now become a luxury,for finding food for their children to keep them alive has now become their daily struggle!

    These colonial powers that you place your plea bargain with, are responsible for taking our Muslim countries back to the jahliyah practices of their homeland, pre Islam.

    They are responsible for establishing secular based systems through the puppet regimes they have installed! These rulers, along with their masters have no regard for establishing your rights from Islam, their job is only to distance us from Islam!

    Those whom you appeal to are responsible for the endless, relentless wars, occupations and drone attacks that act by far one of the greatest obstacles to Muslim children receiving an education. According to the un’s report on ” children and conflict” 115 schools in mali were attacked in the last year; 321 in the occupied Palestinian territories,167 in Afghanistan and 165 in Yemen .
    My dear sister lets not be fooled by the standing innovation they gave you, for they only wish to use you to extinguish Allah’s light and to create the opinion that Islam robbed you and the million other sisters of their rights.

    They want you to pave the way for the secular/liberal powers to go in and do what they do best,colonise the minds of the women,through their western educational curriculums.

    Surah 61, Verse 8:

    ?????????? ???????????? ????? ??????? ??????????????? ????????? ??????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ?????????????

    “They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths but Allah will perfect His light, though the unbelievers may be averse.”



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