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    Nagesh Ksy

    minister’s shoul concentrate on development activity in the underdeveloped Telangana region.To The Concerned Official,
    The idea of creating Telangana is a ridiculous one.It support’s only the coffer’s of a few selfish minister’s without helping the common citizen.It further’s the inroad’s that naxal’s would adequately occupy the region and anarchy and lawlessness would prevail.Creating a division among the people with same telugu language is uncalled for.Also Hyderabad which is a cherished fruit of all the 3 region’s ,should go to telangana’a is most unjust decision that any central ministry could take.On the other hand ,a development offer to the effected weaker section’s would be a much sensible prescription. Giving Telangana decision would also set a precedent for other states to follow which is a very derogatory one.
    Three cheer’s for a united andhra pradesh


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