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    Mohan D

    These students are under the spell of a group of student thugs. In front of others, the key words are democracy, rights, justice, and equality. Never in the history of this university have students been so violent and irrational in their behavior. Just look at the walls of this once-beautiful campus, and you will see whether they are from LKG class or from PhD class. Intimidation and shouting are their favourite tactics. Now they know the majority of students do not support them. Nobody heeds their bandh calls, esp when police are on campus! That is why they want the police out. They want to hold admin to ransom. Campus needs psychiatrists and counsellors. No doubt about that. Do that as soon as possible. Otherwise this lovely place will fall prey to the evil designs of these students and their faculty supporters. They know they are in minority, but they keep asking for democracy! Small number wants violence, how can this be right? They have some political support from the left, esp from people who are far away and don’t know ground situation or issues. They too hear the words police, democracy, rights, justice, and are out with their pens to sign petitions!


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