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    I disagree with the title itself it should be “Are any right minded human beings truly standing with Modi”? Why Muslims only, there are so many non-muslims who think as humans not as any specific community and are not with him.

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    nandini , india

    be specific.. dont take any muslims opinion , take only gujrat muslims opinion . other state people can not understand how another state is running.

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    nandini , india

    ok , modi will not do any special facility to the muslims to get vote as congress party men do , he will do equal facility to each of the countrymen irrespective of their religion. and writer very much tried to prove that the muslims praised modi praised on their own interest ( very offending to muslim community i think ) but could not give any instance where gujrati muslims maligned modi.

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    Prasad, Delhi

    It is very obvious from the vote share that Muslims are not voting for Modi’s BJP. His vote share has gone down and the Congress vote share has increased, in the recent state elections. If Muslims who did not vote earlier if now voted for him, the share should have gone up for BJP and decreased for Congress. A few Muslims praising Modi, or his publicity team telling that now Muslims are also voting for him, is definitely not evident or convincing. Unless Modi apologises for the human tragedy and he takes action on the culprits even if they were close to him, such opinions may not change, even if we believe that he was not directing the in-human acts of the masses, misusing the Police machinery.


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